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In 2010 our country gift market still is gi...

Date: 2015/1/29   Publisher:COMEGO

According to the ministry of commerce statistics, in 2009 China's total retail sales of social consumer goods increase and the highest rate since 1986, the contribution to economic growth

Rate will reach 51%, the proportion for the first time in more than foreign trade. For the present economic crisis hit have become an organic part of consumption system

In the pattern of diversity in economic development in the new play an important supporting role.

Domestic high energetic, let China gift industry on April 25th, nearly three thousands at home and abroad well-known gift enterprises will gather PengCheng, to participate in "the 18th annual

China (shenzhen) international gifts, handicrafts, watches and clocks, and household goods exhibition ", pomp in advance, have a nice sinoexpo exhibition organizers chairman Jiang Chengwen smile

He says, "gift economy have no winter".

Historical opportunity affirmative gift sale in domestic market

2010 gift (domestic market faces three big historical opportunity, one is to continue to benefit from domestic demand policy implementation and adjustment of economic structure, the domestic market

Scale is growing; The second is the national consumption patterns gradually carried by the wave type steering targeted stronger consumer segment type, is advantageous to the present species increased;

3 it is the world expo and the Asian games, and other major international activity will jolt for gift sales.

Nice sinoexpo organizers introduced, in the face of the great historical opportunity this year, the exhibition will occupy the shenzhen convention and exhibition center eight function hall, area of about one hundred thousand

Square meters, of the ceramics, textile, home appliances, bags leather goods, handicrafts, gifts. Structural adjustment and the exhibition of intellectual property rights protection in the market

System under the promoting of independent innovation products will become the biggest bright spot, as a new gift trends to provide the most comprehensive information, the exhibitors

A breakthrough in terms of shifted.

Expo, according to official statistics, by the end of 2009, the world expo licensed products sales reached 3.1 billion yuan, product surged to 4000 balance, break through the reservation

The target market. In April this year will usher in the peak of world expo gift sales, haibao home textile, the precious metal gifts and more new products in shenzhen

Exhibition, together with "golden tiger" makes the elements of the mainstream of the market this year.

Many new products, traditional arts and crafts for promote Chinese elements and ancient meaning new coruscate new, such as "nanjing brocade" play the traditional knitting art charm

Force, developed including tie, scarf, bag, name card box, pen holder, and many other art collection and practical value of the product; Home is home textile products

Have to respond to the modern fashion needs, "green life" through the material and process improvement, energy saving, environmental protection and health in the first place; Green food

Products, anime peripheral, decompression toys and other products are also present a huge potential for development.

The exhibition effect play a role for a long time

China's gift industry development speed has been ahead of the growth of GDP, but lack of innovation and unsound management exist for a long time, when the crisis hit

More be amplified that appear failures. To solve the sticking point of "weaker" scattered, led by the government, association, a platform for the exhibition industry

The resultant force is effective, have held in the eighteenth year of the shenzhen gift show full play the role of the industry bellwether.

"This year is the key to the gift industry in-depth change period, under the multiple positive stimulus, the upgrade mode, open up the domestic market, add

Strong innovation and a series of gifts enterprises' pain 'transition will accelerate the maturity. "Jiang Chengwen said that the exhibition has invited all China federation of industry and commerce jointly HuiLi

Product industry association, guangdong, fujian, zhejiang, jiangsu, gift industry developed regions such as Beijing, Shanghai industry association, terminal buyers and social organizations, and

Gift manufacturers on about a gift industry development trend for further research and discussion, projects, grasp the historic opportunity.

As the country's most influential gift show, shenzhen gift show with the nanjing yi lian tai shi, Beijing, Beijing YuanLong acto, Shanghai bo

Dried Tang Xuan, guangdong, shenzhen lianchuang, Taiwan UPU coalition industry giants, such as excellent products and wholesale market, business department and group co., LTD., etc

Terminal buyers, through the intention to negotiate, the independent forms such as bidding and purchasing custom to ensure market demand docking of all parties concerned.

Along with the domestic market demand, product class, cultural connotation and the upgrading of consumption patterns, can benefit from more and more industry, push the exhibition

Under dynamic, gift industry is bound to in the year of the tiger Yang prestige

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