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The company is a professional POLY RESIN gift development Limited by Share Ltd, design development, production, sales as one of the strength of large foreign - owned enterprises, established in 1990 May, currently located in Chayuan Industrial Zone Huiyang District Huizhou City Guangdong Province Chinese Qiu Chang Zhen, investment amount 10000000 dollar, existing staff of about 500 people, an area of about 80000 square meters, plant area and living area two parts, factory planning for landscape pattern, beautiful environment, plant has offices, R & D and design center, manufacturing plant and sales service network, and has capability of monthly export volumes up to 60 standard cabinet; the living area built high-rise dormitories, inside is provided with a number of benefits facilities restaurants, supermarkets, Department of welfare, library, recreation room, basketball court, badminton courts, table tennis room, billiards room, etc..
In order to establish a more perfect quality management system, after all my colleagues in the company under the concerted efforts, continue to forge ahead, in 2001 November won the ISO9000 quality management system certification, the product quality of the company is getting a more reliable guarantee, also favored by the industry object.
Scope: indoor, outdoor technology accessories, wooden, iron, copper art and glass lamp products up to thousands of.
The product is divided into ten categories:
1, indoor table; 2, indoor and outdoor lighting technology; 3, craft clock, craft; 4 stage; 5, candlestick; 6, indoor and outdoor art fountain; 7, outdoor garden ornaments; 8, wall decoration, indoor statue ornaments; 9;
Mode of operation:
1, since the group development -- design, development, production, marketing
2, customers like to design and manufacture (OEM)
The company from since the start, the supremacy of credibility, honest hospitality, research and development efforts, continuous innovation, and actively into the
The principle, continue to grow and develop, and the company's business philosophy is to adopt a humanized, scientific and efficient
Management mode, continue into the design and development and development mode, the production of first-class products, first-class quality first-class
Service to win more customers